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European Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery
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About EBCFPRS examination
The European Board for Certification in Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (EBCFPRS) was established in 2013. Amongst the core endeavors of the EBCFPRS is the administration of the European Board exam in facial plastic surgery. This is performed in collaboration with the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (ABFPRS). The EBCFPRS exam is held once a year and takes place in London in the month July.

Passing the EBCFPRS exam is required for completion of the fellowship. The EAPFS therefore recommends you to plan the EBCFPRS exam at the end or just after the fellowship year.

For more information about the EBCFPRS, the exam and certification process, see www.ebcfprs.org.

EAFPS Fellowship Training Centers  / plastic surgery board


Primary Director: Holger Gassner

9 months

Contact: info@drgassner.eu




Primary Director: Werner Heppt

Dr. Feller

3 months

Contact: wheppt@web.de


Primary Director: Armando Boccieri

Bruno Pesucci (Maxillo Facial Surgery)

9 months

Contact: armando.boccieri@libero.it

Primary Director: Dirk Menger

H Vuyk, R Middelweerd, P Lohuis, G Nolst-Trenite, Koen Ingels

9 months

Contact: d.j.menger@gmail.com


Primary Director: Koen Ingels

Niels van Heerbeek

6 months

Contact: K.Ingels@kno.umcn.nl

Primary Director: Abel-Jan Tasman

Hans Briner,Daniel Simmen (Oculoplastic surgeon )

6 months

Contact: Abel-Jan.Tasman@kssg.ch


Primary Director: Ullas Raghavan

Aftab Ahmed

9 months

Contact: ullasraghavanent@yahoo.com

Guildford, London

Primary Director: Julian Rowe-Jones

Paul Johnson (Maxillo Facial Surgery), Chris Maclean (Oculoplastic), Bea Brookes (non-surgical )

9 months

Contact: info@rhinoplasty.co.uk


Primary Director: Huseyin Ozcan Cakmak

Acibadem Kadikoy Hospital

3 months

Contact: ocakmak@ozcancakmak.com